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Tales of the Odd (TOTO) is a collection of unusual stories culled from the web.  The general theme falls under the purview of the paranormal; phenomena beyond normal explanation.  And by phenomena I mean "a fact, occurrence, or circumstance observed or observable."

TOTO is a recent venture into exploring not only things that may go bump in the night, but also cryptids, UFOs, ETs, multi-dimensionals, conspiracy theory, fringe science, and similar topics.  I am exploring a possible line of thought that may or may not underlie the above mentioned topics and many other related subjects.

I am not an expert, I hold no preconceived prejudices. But,  I am biased in how I ponder such topics.  I am a skeptic by nature, softened by personal experiences that have forced me to look outside the box.  I believe that science holds the key to answers we seek, it just hasn't caught up to those of us who aren't afraid to color outside the lines.  Cynicism, will never allow for that, it is as dogmatic as any set of beliefs that taint our world view.

So come explore the enigmatic with me; let speculation abound. And question everything!!

Many Thanks:

Two years ago I began a search for answers that has led me down an interesting path.   In April of 2010 my life nearly ended by my own hand, but yet not; I was desperate as to the hows and whys of what happened.  I was led to where I needed to be and began a process of healing and learning that continues every day.   

There are so many individuals that I have crossed paths with, that my "thank yous"  would be an endless list as everyone has had a hand in my growth.  So to all my para peeps, and you know who you are, I thank you.  Here's to our continued journey together!!

Peace Y'all!!

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